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Innovative teams trust Moonlight

"It has been a pleasure to work with the Moonlight Work platform, and we are already seeing an impact to our business in the form of faster time to fill engineering contractor positions and a higher quality talent pool. Furthermore the Moonlight Work team oversaw a fast and high quality onboarding process to the platform and has been immediately responsive to our questions and requests for support."


CEO of Atlas Ai

"When our firm needed help converting a remote sensing research project into an operational spin out we leaned on Moonlight developers (really, Ai wizards) to leverage newly available satellite and aerial imagery. The developers’ success was a key part of the new entity’s strategic product development and took our team in a whole new direction."


Founding Partner of Axion

"The high quality of candidates differentiates Moonlight. We made two full-time and multiple contract hires in the first month on the platform. "


Cofounder & CEO of Coast

"Moonlight is going to be written into our success story for sure. Hiring through the Moonlight platform has helped us speed up areas of our platform in a crucial time without derailing us from our roadmap in other places."


Product at Engine

"We worked with the primary author of the Staffjoy open-source project to get a scheduling integration running. The whole system was set up on Google Cloud in about a day, allowing us to move forward quickly with the project."


Founder of Gingr

"We were building a new feature and needed to move from Aptible to AWS, but had no idea how to do it. We found a HIPAA-specialized contractor on Moonlight, which otherwise would have been expensive and taken 2 months of interviewing."


Founder of HDP Health

"Within a week and a half of the initial positing, we had already started ramping up our developer. The candidates were all high quality and the transparency around pricing was super helpful going into a project like this. Highly recommend!"


Founder of Millie

"We interviewed 3 engineers on Moonlight -- all of whom met a very high quality bar. It allowed us to hire a more senior person than we could manage to hire full time and move a lot faster. Ultimately this meant we could postpone a full time hire for 9 months, saving us almost $100K."


Founder & CEO of Mobius Materials

"We found an incredibly talented developer who was a technical and cultural fit for our team. For our next hire, I would immediately start with Moonlight before wasting time and thousands of dollars on the other job boards."


Founder of Sched

"Our company needed to rapidly onboard a small gaggle of data engineers to support a major initiative with an insurance industry partner. Moonlight presented us with several senior candidate options narrowed down to fit both our and our partner's needs exactly. We connected and began engagements in just a few days and the engineers have just knocked it out of the park. We're all-in on Moonlight."


Co-founder of Ulta

"I needed help building the MVP for Hello Walden. I quickly found a developer and we have been working together ever since! The hour tracking and payments were easy, and I got weekly feedback. I will definitely be using Moonlight again for my next hire."


Founder of Walden

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