Get things done right with contributors from top open source software projects.

Professionals in the tech industry want to make more money, and you want their expertise. Moonlight connects you with the right person to complete the tasks you don't have time for, and they do it right.

How it works

Moonlight is a collective of expert engineers and designers who are looking to take on time-capped projects each week. The process is simple, and optimized for teams who know exactly what they need, but are looking for a professional to complete the task.

  1. Employers submit a proposal, telling us exactly what you need. Each proposal is confined to 1 week, and a set number of hours. We work to break your proposal into small chunks that can be completed each week by our contractors. 

  2. We match you with the right engineer or designer to complete the task.

  3. Each party signs the necessary paperwork through Hellosign.

  4. Work is completed throughout the week, based on the schedule of each worker. The cycle begins Monday, and ends Sunday.

  5. If the work is marked as complete according to the contract on Monday, the company is billed, and the contractor is paid.