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“We stayed in contact throughout the week. There was never a big unveil at the end of the job; we meticulously planned each part of the process to stay on the same page.

- Sarah, Moonlight contractor

“We worked with the primary author of Staffjoy to get a scheduling integration running. The whole system was set up on Google Cloud in about a day.

- Lee, founder at Gingr

“We needed to move from Aptible to AWS, but had no idea how to do it. We found a HIPAA-specialized contractor on Moonlight, which otherwise would have been expensive and taken 2 months of interviewing.

- Brian, founder at HDP Health

“Moonlight is going to be written into our success story for sure. It’s helped us speed up areas of our platform in a crucial time without putting us off our roadmap in other places.

- Blake, Product Lead at Engine

“We stayed in contact throughout the week. There was never a big unveil at the end of the job; we meticulously planned each part of the process to stay on the same page.

- Sarah, Moonlight contractor

“We worked with the primary author of Staffjoy to get a scheduling integration running. The whole system was set up on Google Cloud in about a day.

- Lee, founder at Gingr

Featured React Native developers

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Apps from Start to Finish

"Hi, I'm Max. I am a full-stack developer with a focus on mobile apps. I work mainly in Go, Python and Javascript. Previously I worked for Google's Creative Lab, YouTube, and Apple's Keynote team. Now I'm working as a freelance developer for early-stage startups. Before working in Silicon Valley I studied computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. While at Google I built web-based interactive experiences: online music videos, information visualizations, and even a 745ft wide sculpture presented at the TED conference ( I love working with audio! One of my projects is, a telephone network that connects strangers from 2-5am for recorded conversations. For that project I made a custom speech recognition search engine and many tools for visualizing speech. I'm also the co-author of Gentle, an open-source tool that automatically aligns audio with text. Let's collaborate!"

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CTO at Onova

"Used to work at Mongo DB for few years, had my own Digital agency, now running my startup. - Mobile JavaScript React Native, Ionic - Web Front-end (JS, CSS, HTML5) React, Angular, Bootstrap, JS libraries. - Back-end developer Node.JS and MongoDB, Express, Mongoose - Linux and system operations Docker, Amazon EC2, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, Firebase -Design Product design, UX "

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Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead

"I am end-to-end product engineer (user experience, full-stack engineering) who takes a wide view of the whole system. I am able to take complex technical ideas and distill them into user-friendly software. Understanding the client's needs and clear communication with the client are my number one priority. Additionally, I pride myself on discipline, rigor, and fast iteration. I am currently a tech lead of several user-facing products, working extensively with Ember, Django, React-Native, and Cordova. Very comfortable working with databases such as postgresql and mysql. Experience with Node, Java, and Objective C as well. I previously worked in finance, performing 409A valuations. I am also a Certified Public Accountant."

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Software Engineer with 5+ years experience in Mobile & Web Development

"I specialize in mobile development in React Native, and native iOS development in Swift and Objective-C. I am also competent in full-stack web development using React on the frontend and Node and Ruby on the backend."

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Part-time CTO and Full Stack Developer

"I specialize in getting things done. Results are what matters. Fast prototyping, testing, making sure things scale. Just having a general sense of caring about the final product is really important to me. If you want to talk tech, this is what I've worked the most with before (but doesn't imply I can't learn new things): - Javascript/Typescript for backend - iOS (started in 07 with the first iPhone and am still hanging tight) - Android (maybe more important than iOS, depending on where you are)"

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Software Engineer

"Hello! I’m a software developer. I enjoy building web apps with Rails, React, and Node.js. I also build mobile apps with React Native, including native code in Swift, Objective C, Java, and C#. I enjoy working on DevOps, and have experience with AWS, Terraform, Chef, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, and Convox."

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Creative Technologist

"I specialize in consulting with businesses looking to ship and iterate on MVPs for both web and mobile. The code I write is done in consideration of reducing future overhead and maintenance costs, and never cuts corners on user experience. At my day job, I am responsible for a product that sees ~30MM captures annually and several million in revenue. We got where we are today with a relentless approach on shipping MVPs to A/B test at tiny percentages. On the side, I'm the author of a book on React Native development and also helped create curriculum for a software engineering school based in Tokyo. Due to my limited time available, I'm very selective with the clients I accept. I consider each engagement to be an investment by each party involved. "

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Full Stack Developer

"Over 10 years software development experience in a wide range of industries spanning gaming to investment banking to web and mobile development. Able to adapt and learn new technologies quickly to deliver the best possible results. I currently love building beautiful and performant mobile apps in React Native. "

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Senior Full-stack developer

"I'm a full-stack developer. I use whichever technology is best to get the job done. Currently focusing on react and react-native for interfaces. I also contribute to open source projects e.g.: react.js, ember.js, ruby, rails_admin."

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