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“We stayed in contact throughout the week. There was never a big unveil at the end of the job; we meticulously planned each part of the process to stay on the same page.

- Sarah, Moonlight contractor

“We worked with the primary author of Staffjoy to get a scheduling integration running. The whole system was set up on Google Cloud in about a day.

- Lee, founder at Gingr

“We needed to move from Aptible to AWS, but had no idea how to do it. We found a HIPAA-specialized contractor on Moonlight, which otherwise would have been expensive and taken 2 months of interviewing.

- Brian, founder at HDP Health

“Moonlight is going to be written into our success story for sure. It’s helped us speed up areas of our platform in a crucial time without putting us off our roadmap in other places.

- Blake, Product Lead at Engine

“We stayed in contact throughout the week. There was never a big unveil at the end of the job; we meticulously planned each part of the process to stay on the same page.

- Sarah, Moonlight contractor

“We worked with the primary author of Staffjoy to get a scheduling integration running. The whole system was set up on Google Cloud in about a day.

- Lee, founder at Gingr

Featured MariaDB developers

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Backend Software Developer

"Hello! Thank you for viewing my profile. Over 5+ years of professional development experience I have worked with variety of projects and with lots of different teams. In the last few years I have developed a passion for backend and API development. Beyond that, I have built full stack applications and am happy to dabble in frontend as needed. Most of my work to date has been with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I have worked both on an internal team creating products as well as a consultant building client projects. I pride myself on having excellent communication skills and focus on transparency and honesty. I treat software development as a craft prioritizing the quality of my work. I'm a team player and always sprinkle of a passion for business and my humor into every interaction. If we aren’t having fun and making friends along the way, why are we doing all this hard work!? If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out!"

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Principal Engineer at Eagle Eye Solutions

"I specialize in designing and building websites and web applications using full stack technologies, picking the right tool for the job. I primarily use Symfony or Laravel and Vue.js"

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Engineering Manager and Lead Developer

"Over 8 years of Managerial and Full Stack Dev expertise in design, development and deployment of high performance, scalable and distributed platforms. • Focus on technology innovation & evangelism to deliver business solutions in an agile environment. • Hands on with full stack open-source solutions, multi-platform mobile & hybrid applications, user-facing functionalities, road-map development and DevOps with Continuous Delivery/Integration. • Special interest in data visualisation & analysis, REST & Service Oriented APIs, containerisation, cloud integration for SaaS/PaaS in real-time consumer & enterprise apps."

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Full Stack Laravel/Vue Developer

"I specialize in PHP and Javascript, versatile and able to build progressive web apps, single page applications and API's"

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Full Stack Mobile and Web Software Engineer

"I specialize in iOS development, database schema design and management, and web application development. I have completed two engineering internships: one at Netskope and another at Cooliris. At Netskope, I worked on their infrastructure team developing their data analytics platform. I automated several processes, designed several data schemas, fixed bugs and production issues, and created queries and insights for their business teams. At Cooliris I researched how the Cooliris iOS app could integrate the (at the time new) features of iOS 8. I am a winner of the Congressional App Challenge 2016 for California’s 18th Congressional District for an iOS and web app I developed to help students connect with peer tutors. I have completed several courses with John's Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. I have also been an active member of the open-source community (a link to my GitHub is below). "

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IT Infrastructure architect

"Multi-skilled IT architect with over 15 years of experience in helping public and private organizations maintain and improve their IT infrastructure, troubleshoot and find solutions to simple and complex issues. Excellent knowledge of web portal architecture components and flows (three-tier, client/server), superior technical competence for middleware application environment in HA(cluster) configuration, able to effectively explain technical concepts to a non-technical audience. Mail:"

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Full Stack Developer & Startup Consultant

"I'm a full-stack developer that has built multiple companies and development teams. I'm interested in helping startups learn how to build their teams / processes as well as helping build products."

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Full Stack Developer

"7+ years experience developing web technologies in startup, agency, and university environments. Ethereum enthusiast and Solidity developer! Currently specializing in: • Backend (PHP, MySQL, Node, Solidity) • Frontend (Material, Bootstrap, Vue, Angular, React) • DevOps (Docker, Varnish, Redis, Jenkins, Kubernetes) I also have a deep understanding of various content management systems such as Drupal and Wordpress."

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Web Developer and Chief Technology Officer

"I've been doing web development for about 18 years, have served in all capacities as a developer, manager and currently a CTO at a venture backed startup in the manufacturing tech space."

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