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“We stayed in contact throughout the week. There was never a big unveil at the end of the job; we meticulously planned each part of the process to stay on the same page.

- Sarah, Moonlight contractor

“We worked with the primary author of Staffjoy to get a scheduling integration running. The whole system was set up on Google Cloud in about a day.

- Lee, founder at Gingr

“We needed to move from Aptible to AWS, but had no idea how to do it. We found a HIPAA-specialized contractor on Moonlight, which otherwise would have been expensive and taken 2 months of interviewing.

- Brian, founder at HDP Health

“Moonlight is going to be written into our success story for sure. It’s helped us speed up areas of our platform in a crucial time without putting us off our roadmap in other places.

- Blake, Product Lead at Engine

“We stayed in contact throughout the week. There was never a big unveil at the end of the job; we meticulously planned each part of the process to stay on the same page.

- Sarah, Moonlight contractor

“We worked with the primary author of Staffjoy to get a scheduling integration running. The whole system was set up on Google Cloud in about a day.

- Lee, founder at Gingr

Featured CSS developers

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Freelance front-end developer, consultant, speaker.

"Who!? I’ve been making websites since I was 14 (the first one even had JavaScript!) and have 8 years professional experience in front-end development. I now provide freelance development and consultancy helping teams collaborate and work better together, streamline workflow and maintain quality. I’ve spent my career so far at software companies and in some of the top digital agencies in the UK. I have worked on huge scale, multi-lingual, content managed platforms for companies around the world. I live in the the UK and can travel or work remotely where required. I’m looking for contract front-end development and consultancy work for digital agencies or companies building their own products."

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Visual Designer and Developer

"I am a visual designer with expertise in CSS. I refactor entire web app an websites CSS. I create new designs in HTML and CSS and hand off to full-stack developers to integrate with backend. I am familiar with React, Angular and Ember, but usually I focus on CSS and UI design, while leaving complex Javascript to other team members. At my current job, I designed in code the homepage and other growth initiatives. I am currently working on an internal tool / webapp. At my previous job, I did everything UI / UX / Front-end for a small startup, from ideation to push production code live. I’m strongest in CSS3, CSS3 animations and responsive design. Other technologies I use are HTML5, React, AngularJS, Ember, Ionic, Jade, Handlebar, SCSS, Git & Github, Webpack, Gulp, Photoshop, etc."

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frontend web developer

"Expert level UI/front-end development and ‘pixel perfect’ design implementation; architectural CSS, advanced Javascript, working knowledge of React.js. Over 10 years experience creating modular, reusable, maintainable and scalable front-end code for high-traffic websites (,, Toolbelt: HTML5, Javascript, CSS, SASS, LESS, BEM, responsive design, Photoshop/Sketch, inVision, SQL, GIT, SVN, bash, agile, scrum Frameworks: jQuery, Bootstrap, React.js"

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Web Application Developer

"I specialize in building single page applications. I'm comfortable with most modern front-end tools, but have the most experience with Ember.js and Postcss. I also have experience building prototypes and working with the Phoenix framework."

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Front-end Developer

"Highly motivated web developer with a passion for simple, beautiful design. I am proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. I have a background in Computer Science, including the study of data structures, algorithms, and object-oriented design. I enjoy problem-solving and constantly working to expand my knowledge of both existing and newly emerging web technologies."

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Senior Full Stack Engineer at Washington Post

"I’m comfortable at all levels of the web development stack. Python and Ruby are my preferred back-end languages, and (unlike most people) I love CSS!"

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WordPress Devolopment & Digital Marketing

"I ( have been designing & marketing websites for the past 4 years. I specialize not just in WordPess webdesign but also online marketing. SEO, PPC, keyword research, link-building and most recently on lead acquisition for local business. I have set up a small digital agency called its aim is compete with other marketing agencies but also use its profits to support charities, non-profits and unfunded start ups. Trying to make a real and positive difference in this world. For my full portfolio:"

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Lead Engineer at SitePoint

"2 Years experience in react JS. 9 Years experience with PHP, Javascript, HTML working for a large Australian Telco. Experience running a remote development team. Excellent communicator who can take vague requirements and produce the required outcomes by knowing what questions to ask."

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Front end developer specializing in html/css layouts

"Hi, I'm Russell. I specialize in building interfaces with HTML, CSS/SCSS and Javascript. I have a passion for responsive layouts, progressive web apps and helping to make a design look it's very best on any screen. I am also currently interested in the state of HTML 5 gaming technologies and frameworks and have been experimenting with canvas, webGL, three.js, and A-frame. When I'm not building web interfaces I'm hard at work building VR/AR project using the Unreal 4 and Unity 3D engines. "

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