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“We stayed in contact throughout the week. There was never a big unveil at the end of the job; we meticulously planned each part of the process to stay on the same page.

- Sarah, Moonlight contractor

“We worked with the primary author of Staffjoy to get a scheduling integration running. The whole system was set up on Google Cloud in about a day.

- Lee, founder at Gingr

“We needed to move from Aptible to AWS, but had no idea how to do it. We found a HIPAA-specialized contractor on Moonlight, which otherwise would have been expensive and taken 2 months of interviewing.

- Brian, founder at HDP Health

“Moonlight is going to be written into our success story for sure. It’s helped us speed up areas of our platform in a crucial time without putting us off our roadmap in other places.

- Blake, Product Lead at Engine

“We stayed in contact throughout the week. There was never a big unveil at the end of the job; we meticulously planned each part of the process to stay on the same page.

- Sarah, Moonlight contractor

“We worked with the primary author of Staffjoy to get a scheduling integration running. The whole system was set up on Google Cloud in about a day.

- Lee, founder at Gingr

Featured Chai.js developers

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Full-stack Javascript engineer

"Full-stack Javascript engineer with 10 years of experience of software engineering. I specialise in React, Node, AWS, TDD, Microservices and Elasticsearch. I am comfortable with both client and server-side development. I also have considerable experience with C# .NET, NoSQL and SQL databases and CI/CD."

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Senior Node.js / Java Developer

"I’m a highly motivated software developer with a broad technical interest and knowledge. I have most experience with Node.js and the Java platform, but I keep up with other technologies as well. I’m a pragmatic programmer and an evangelist of Test Driven Development. Delivering clean & bug free code is my primary goal. "

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Fullstack Software Engineer

"I'm a fullstack software engineer with broad experience, although I specialize in developing Web applications. I'm an expert in modern JavaScript, both on the front-end and the back-end, I am however also fluent in Python and am learning the Go language. I have several years of experience with Kubernetes, privately and professionally, and am well versed in both creating clusters and developing systems for deploying (microservices) to them. Since moving to Berlin a couple of years back, I've developed a couple of applications of my own, most prominently, which is a catalogue of cultural events in the city, mostly concerts. I also develop, which is an app for organizing dinners with one's friends. Both apps are developed in JavaScript (also on the server), and running on Tectonic/Kubernetes on DigitalOcean, which is a solution I developed myself."

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Software Architect, Founder of CedarLabs & Slatebox

"I'm a seasoned developer with experience that runs the gamut between front- and back-end systems. I value concepts and critical thought above hardened responses, and have found blind consistency to be one of the biggest blockers to eloquent design. Between the startups I'm currently involved in and my role building complex microservice-based architecture in the enterprise, I'm sure I can build what you're looking for in a scalable, forward-thinking way."

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Software Engineer at

"I've been working as a software engineer for over 20 years. I have experience with Java and Javascript on the backend, as well as AWS, continuous deployment and Docker. I am comfortable with time management and working with a remote team, and have been doing so for the past five years. I am comfortable (though not yet an expert) with React and Angular 2."

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Experienced React Node.js Golang Developer

"Software Engineering Technical Lead at a large SaaS consultation firm. I hold an Engineering degree from Cal State Northridge in Computer Science. My area of expertise is building highly-scalable modern Web Applications with a heavy emphasis on elegant UIUX with a high degree of quality while meeting deadline expectations. I've been around the frontend world for quite some time and have extensive expertise with React.js, Redux, Webpack, and most legacy frameworks and libraries such as jQuery. In the backend stack, I've built large scale applications with Node.js/Golang with relational(MySQL) and non-relational databases such as MongoDB. I have strong debugging and troubleshooting skills that allow me to quickly analyze problems in legacy applications and come to a modern solution that extends the life of the application without rewriting everything from scratch. I was born in the US and a native speaker. Unfortunately, I don't speak any other languages. "

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Full Stack Software Developer

"I have several years of professional experience as a fullstack web developer and have created/contributed to dozens of web applications for individual clients and companies. My experience includes creating both front and back end code utilizing the following: • JavaScript • PHP • HTML • CSS • Code Igniter • NodeJS • AngularJS • mithrilJS • MySQL • mongoDB • Parse Server • Redis • Python Other tech I've dabbled with: • Ruby • Ruby on Rails • Django Blockchain technologies I have experience with: • Bitcoin • BTCD • Bitcore • Ethereum • Solidity I've also released games made with JavaScript and have some experience working with Unity (using C#) and Game Maker Studio (using GML). Yo hablo español. I love to code and solve problems. If you need a developer, I'm here to help!"

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Pragmatic, multi-disciplinary engineer

"Hi there! I'm a polyglot engineer comfortable on a variety of stacks and scales. I've shipped production applications in a variety of languages, mostly web apps, but still plenty of backend APIs. "

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Full stack engineer

"I am a full stack engineer who specializes in both web and backend development. Throughout my career, I have designed and built various systems and web applications. I am currently working for, where I am focusing on SPAs, mobile applications, and server-side development. "

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