JB Reefer

JB Reefer

Full Stack Engineer in NYC

I can create 100% end to end projects and have profesionally for 5 years. From the metal - I worked at a PaaS startup/Kubernetes competitor - to my current role as a frontend developer, I can build basically anything.

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Frontend Engineer - IPSoft

Develop a chat application with rich component interactions, for wide variety of devices.

Tools and Infrastructure Engineer - Apprenda Infrastructure

Full Stack Engineer - Rethink Autism

Completely rebuilt the public facing pages to use Angular components, RESTful endpoints to retrieve and update data, and generally move towards a more modern architecture Guided the existing team through a tooling upgrade: new SCM strategy, new IDE version and tooling, working on CI/CD Daily use of WebAPI, MVC.NET, SQL Server, AngularJS, and HighCharts Implemented full site search with autocomplete, by writing a site crawler and integrating with Algolia Major UI and readability changes to graphs in dashboards and user facing reporting Frequently refactored legacy code to follow separation of concerns, remove obsolete libraries, reduce NIH syndrome, etc. Built first team components with Entity Framework, and began migrating site to dotnet core

Lead Developer - Stress Testing Suite

Used JMeter to stress test, analyze, and report on web page performance under arbitrary loads to ensure Nielsen Ratings could provide an acceptable user experience with their existing hardware configuration with 2,000+ concurrent TM1 users Reverse engineered the method flow of TM1Web, to spoof authentication, manipulate data, request specific pages based on user input, and log out, while analyzing performance of each step Extended the built-in capabilities of JMeter by using batch scripting and TM1 cache invalidation (non-trivial) using TurboIntegrator scripting

Full Stack Engineer - WebWORQ

Collaborated with another developer to write a data layer, using the Factory pattern, to read OpenXML (.xlsx) files Developed a future-proof design to allow for reading from any Workbook source such as Google Docs, Apple Numbers, OpenOffice (Factory took a Provider, Provider implemented Interface of reading methods) Heavily modified existing Excel Expression evaluator, an Expression-to-C# compiler (rebuilt parsing and AST creation, modified AST evaluation, fixed serious Reworked Abstract Syntax Tree creation, transversal logic, replaced expression parsing with a third party library to avoid faulty in-house parser efficiently, and removed deprecated logical nodes Implemented conversion of WebWORQ object model to DotNetHighCharts API object model to allow for real-time charting of customer reporting data Extended DotNetHighCharts API to produce HighMaps in JavaScript

Lead Product Developer - ReportWORQ

Massively refactored the existing 12,000 line code base by encapsulating common code, removing unused historical functions, and splitting large classes to clarify and simplify program flow Utilized XML comments to improve error handling, swap out the logger, and enhance productivity when referencing existing functions Improved data load speed by 250+ times by using batch data pulling to reduce the number of roundtrips over the network/to TM1 Implemented Change-awareness flags across the entire object model to only save deltas which increased data save speed by 100+ times Improved user experience by using WPF Databinding, gathering customer feedback, and by utilizing better error handling to provide users a clearer and more concise description of steps necessary to remediate problems Served as primary point of contact for ReportWORQ to provide assistance to customers during outages, gather feedback/implement potential improvements, and manage client expectations