Nathan Broadbent

Nathan Broadbent

Software Engineer

Hello! I’m a software developer. I enjoy building web apps with Rails, React, and Node.js. I also build mobile apps with React Native, including native code in Swift, Objective C, Java, and C#. I enjoy working on DevOps, and have experience with AWS, Terraform, Chef, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, and Convox.



I built the FormAPI service ( using Ruby on Rails and React.


I built the SudoBlock game ( using React Native. One codebase for iPhone, Android, Windows, and web.


I was a full-stack software engineer at Gusto (, where I worked with Rails and Backbone.js. I also worked on security and infrastructure automation.

Crossroads Foundation

I was a software engineer at Crossroads Foundation (, where I learned Ruby on Rails. I worked on a number of internal and public-facing web apps. I built an online store using the Spree ecommerce solution (, and maintained PCI compliance.