Sebastian Minutto Carra

Sebastian Minutto Carra

Systems Engineer at 3at Consulting

I'm an experienced software developer based in Buenos Aires. I've worked across several different industries, including customers such as Credit Suisse, Coca Cola, Nestle and Microsoft and on very diverse applications, ranging from content management systems & high volume ecommerce sites to IoT projects for industrial plants automatization. I love having new challenges and learning about different technologies. My main goal is to make sure that your idea or project becomes the success you want it to be. Contact me if you want a dedicated engineer on your side. Thanks!


Systems Engineer at 3at IT

Evaluate conformance with standards, customer requirements and interoperability issues, problems diagnosis and systems maintenance, product documentation and guidelines, validation of implementations and technical risk management.

IT Senior Manager at Credit Suisse First Boston Clariden Leu

Responsible for the everyday IT requirements across the southern cone ( Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia) office branches, performing tasks such as datacenter infrastructure management, security policies enforcement, business core software administration and maintenance, staff training and guidance, and course of actions advice to the directory, reporting directly to the local main board and company’s CIO at corporate headquarters.

Senior Systems Engineer at Credit Suisse First Boston Clariden Leu

Responsible for the day to day maintenance of IT equipment. Administering the IT department’s policies and procedures (IT manager coordinated). Installation and support of Cisco telecommunication equipment.