Braunson Yager

Braunson Yager

Software Developer at Geekybeaver

I specialize in backend software development. I'm a full stack developer which means I can take an idea, mock it up, design it and develop it into a turn key solution.

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Full Stack Web Designer & Web Developer

Sketched, Mocked, Designed, Developed websites, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, custom software platforms, and modified existing software code bases to add existing features and functionality, upgrade the code base or fix existing issues. I've designed websites to print ads to pool liners.

Senior Full Stack Developer

Working on a Laravel backend, upgraded the code base from Laravel 5.0 to Laravel 5.6, integrated Laravel Spark 6.x functionality. Refactoring existing legacy code into more efficient, documented and usable code. Migrated on-demand processes into maintainable and manageable queue processes. Integrating a pre-build frontend design into the Laravel/Spark backend. Moving the frontend over to make use of Vue.js + API.

Senior Development Team Lead

Developed what was initially a very rough code base left behind from a previous development agency. I lead the team in cultivating the product into a very efficient and well running platform by identifying and predicting problems, analyzing issues, meeting goals and solving problems. I was the key lead in creating and enforced policies and procedures for testing, code reviewing, code standards, deployment and backups. Integrated with MailChimp, Chatlio, Authorize.Net, PayPal, Stripe, Cloudinary, RackSpace, Google Analytics, Skipjack, and OpenWeatherMap