Charlie Pitkin

Charlie Pitkin

DevOps Engineer

I specialize in automating all parts of the development and infrastructure process. I am currently teaching myself to be a better programmer and ops guy by working on my own servers. Always move forward and learn something new every day.


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DevOps Engineer at FINE

I have helped the company to improve its deployment and configuration management process. This includes building a site configuration management data parsing system, a complete rewrite of puppet into v4.x.x, and moving into automated Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for all sites, Jenkins pipelines across multiple project types and services, and much more awesome things. FINE didn’t have much in the way of formal processes for deployments or configuration management when I started. It was all just possibilities of something better. I started by making sure developers had what they needed to get the day to day done so I could work on improving and documenting standards. Starting at the bottom of the stack with infrastructure and config management. I taught myself Puppet and wrote a completely new codebase with a full test suite to hold myself and others accountable for changes.

Hardware Systems Engineer at State Studios

I was the first hire on the engineering team two which we added one other full time employee. I built and maintained all the infrastructure needed by our public and private facing systems. Being in a startup setting I was exposed to numerous jobs such as deploying code, writing code, building hardware, talking to outside data vendors, and managing interns. This taught me to think on my feet but also to ask for help from my coworker when I got stuck. We re-architected the main app from C# and SQL Server into a Node.js and MySQL based REST service.

Software Quality Assurance Analyst at Xpanxion

I worked on one of the largest clients Xpanxion has at the time. We did mostly manual testing which would take 1 person nearly 4 days to complete. I knew that it could be better so I taught myself how to use HP Quick Test Pro and automated the application starting with the happy path. Before I left I was the exclusive tester of the main application and braught testing time down to just under 6 hours. All while keeping a 70% test coverage on the major parts of the application. I also put myself into the position of being able to test all the experimental applications that may never be released. I worked closely with all developments teams to work through MVPs or proof-of-concepts. I gained a much needed appreciation for writing good software and understand the value of adding tests. Testing is just as critical as writing the main body of the code.