Haiko Schol

Haiko Schol

Senior Backend Engineer

I have worked with companies of all sizes across various industries. On smaller projects, I often deliver the complete project, from research, specification and architecture to implementation and rollout. My preference, though, is for working in agile teams that value a pragmatic approach and opportunities to learn from each other.

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Software Engineer at Superscale Networks

Early stage startup working on a managed IoT/WiFi platform, leveraging consumer hardware running OpenWRT (with our additions written in Rust). My focus was on the "cloud" side of the product, which consists of an external HTTP/JSON API, a few internal services and a messaging layer built on MQTT.

Software Engineer at Akingo

Prototype for news website personalization The prototype got seed funding and we started to build out the product as a microservices architecture on Google Cloud. My responsibilities included Go development on the API gateway running on Google App Engine and consulting regarding overall architecture and API design. The team is completely distributed and we sometimes worked across large timezone differences (e.g. North America to Asia).

Software Engineer at a F500 corp

Worked as a contractor from 01/2014-12/2014, 04/2015-06/2015 and 01/2016-12/2016 In this greenfield project we built a platform with a public HTTP API for processing and visualizing large geo datasets. My responsibilities included designing the API, integrating with existing corporate infrastructure (single sign-on, billing, logging, etc.) and implementing a data ingestion pipeline that was instrumental in securing a partnership with an enterprise customer.