Istvan Jano

Istvan Jano

react/redux/node.js professional - arduino/iot enthusiastic

I am an experienced Full-Stack Web Developer, specialising in JavaScript-based technologies. I have 10 years of commercial experience in building websites and web-based applications. I am an enthusiastic and self-motivated person who is versed in the industry and who enjoys learning and adapting to a rapidly changing technology environment. I like keeping my code clean by using best practices, design patterns, OOP principles and coding standards. My passion for quality shows itself in my work whether it is frontend or backend code. I've been working on-site for various companies, but now I'm very keen to do remote work where the amount of hours spent on meetings are as low as possible.

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Web Developer @ Collaboration Collective

I've been doing frontend work for a short project which was to build up the user facing website for a client of Collaboration Collective. The backend of the website was built with Ruby on Rails and my job was to pull a completely new design over it. I enjoyed working remotely in a small but experienced team where one of my teammates was already an ex-colleague of mine from Virgin Media, also that I had the freedom of choosing the frontend tools and methodology: Bootstrap, SASS, BEM naming.

Web Developer @ Savills

I've been taking part in development of Savills brand new isomorphic Search site using React & Redux. Due to historical reasons the backend wasn't built with JavaScript/NodeJS which meant it couldn't share the same technology and codebase with the client, so that we fell back to a custom solution to implement isomorphism. I liked the team and the way we tackled all the heavy challenges.

Web Developer @ Sainsbury's

I've had the chance to participate in two great projects at this time: Sainsbury's Store Locator and an admin web interface for the revolutionary SmartShop. Both projects were built with different tools on top of JavaScript and NodeJS so that I was required to adapt to these technologies: While Handlebars/Baobab/Express/JSDom/Browserify/Gulp were used in Store Locator, React/Redux/Koa/WebPack in SmartShop Toolbox. Both projects were covered with unit, functional and behavioural tests: Jasmine, Karma, Chai, Mocha, Enzyme, Sinon, Cucumber, PhantomJS,, Selenium. My tasks were to implement new features both on backend and frontend such as an internal API proxy, OAuth authentication middleware, reporting middleware as well as Server Side Rendering, utilising Memcache to speed up the page (Store Locator), build React Components bound with Redux, continuos refactoring to name a few. SmartShop Toolbox consists of several micro services mostly written in JavaScript and NodeJS.

Web Developer @ Wireless Logic

- Integration of several Mobile Network Operators APIs using SOAP APIs - Development of a SIM management platform using Symfony framework, RabbitMQ and Solr - Working with various third party companies to integrate their solutions into WL’s platform

Web Developer @ Virgin Media

I’ve got experienced with Symfony 2, Test-Driven Development, and Continuous Integration. I have met new exciting technologies like Vagrant, Jenkins, Behat, Selenium. I mostly worked on TV Anywhere site where I met various challenging tasks: RESTful web service development, implementation of new features and code optimisation, refactoring of old legacy code. I also worked on JavaScript code helping the frontend guys. I have worked in a fully agile team, working in a Scrum-style development process.