Miroslav Maraz

Miroslav Maraz

Developer, Architect, Data & Analytics Expert

I'm a versatile software engineer capable of wearing many hats with over 15 years of experience building and delivering data driven applications to clients of all sizes and various industries. My experience spans application development, data engineering, analytics and business intelligence. I'm experienced in delivering web and desktop applications, designing databases and building out data pipelines and advanced analytics workflows. I specialize in building data driven systems and applications from scratch, and making them smarter by embedding machine learning and predictive technologies. I'm looking for opportunities to use my skills to solve data problems and I enjoy the challenge of new problems, technologies or domains. I can be particularly impactful in a startup or small-company setting where I can really leverage my broad skill set, but I also enjoy working for larger teams and companies.


Lead Architect & CTO @UntitledResearch

Building intelligent data solutions with embedded machine learning and advanced analytics to help supercharge business of all sizes to become smarter, more competitive and data-driven. Responsible for the company technology strategy and implementation. Creator of FLIQ.AI.

Technical Director @Coldlight

Responsible for leading and developing a data engineering team that built data driven, intelligent solutions. Product owner and architect of a predictive healthcare data platform aimed at improving patient outcomes via early identification and intervention.

Lead Technical Engineer @Connolly

Developed audit tools and data-mining solutions to identify anomalies and errors in healthcare payments. Maintained and enhanced data warehouses and data integration workflows. Project lead and technical architect for the area of data warehousing, business intelligence and advanced analytics.