Brandon Hsiao

Brandon Hsiao

Full Stack Software Engineer

Full stack software engineer. I work fast and write good code.


Software Engineer, VoiceOps

Wrote scripts to download calls from third-party call systems. Built a sort of internal Mechanical Turk for contractors to label raw call audio. Implemented random product features. Fixed bugs.

Software Engineer, Cruise Automation

Built data pipeline to convert car sensor data into labeled data packages. Was required to draw pictures of my feelings during weekly meetings.

Software Engineer, Ridecell

Built an API and a bird's-eye dashboard for talking to/controlling our cars. Implemented random product features. Fixed bugs. Refactored large portions of codebase from unreadable spaghetti into disentangled strands.


Built Messenger chatbot for medical diagnosis (featured). Built gift-recommendation app for IBM. Built Airbnb clone for students to sublet housing to each other. Worked for various clients through Gigster. Also passed Triplebyte.