Patrick Curl

Patrick Curl

Full stack developer specializing in Vue / Laravel and Ionic Framework on Mobile

Patrick Curl is a freelance developer specializing in full stack applications. He's used jquery and supported legacy code in the past, but his current favorite stack is Laravel with a touch of Vue. He's also used Ionic Framework in production applications.


Sub-contractor for Bonk Studios.

Namely worked with a team of 6-10 developers on the codebase for First 6 months was spent migrating from codeigniter to laravel. 5 million lines of code, 200+ models/database tables. I did about 80% of the migration while the rest of the team focused on supporting the legacy codeigniter app and adding immediate needed features to that codebase that we'd need to port over to the laravel version as well. The app relied heavily on jquery but moved to some Vue components later on. We also had an internal API which interfaced with their mobile app which I also worked on. The mobile app was coded in ionic framework and Angular2.