Matthew Rohr

Matthew Rohr

Native Android Developer

I am a native Android developer. I have been involved with the development of over 20 apps (both iOS and Android) that have been published or are in the process of being published. I developed most of the apps from start to finish, utilizing a range of technologies and SDK's. I learn and adapt quickly to new technologies. I was also the lead engineer of a highly successful SaSS Java website for four years.

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Lead Software Engineer

Areas of expertise include: -Native Android Development -Java Web Development (Spring, Struts, JSP, Hibernate) -.Net Web Development -Windows Software Development (WPF/Forms) Notable Projects: Latest Android contracting project - hired to do an iOS > Android conversion: Latest personal Android project: Latest personal WPF project: Full portfolio:

Lead Engineer

I was the lead engineer of a SaSS based Java website for four years. Worked with an AMAZING team in an incredible office. I was responsible for the main website infrastructure & presentation software. As a developer, this was a dream job. I was able to work with several different technologies and had numerous responsibilities, some which included: Sys Admin: server health, deployments, MySql, AWS integration Server move & upgrade: Migrated to Nginx & updated core server functionality Back end code: Java, J2EE, JSP, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, .NET and some PHP Developed a custom API: (provider and consumer) (java & objective c) Front end development: (css/html/javascript & SEO techniques) Presentation software using PowerPoint: VSTO/C# App development: iOS & Android technologies

Electronic Technician

First half of my enlistment I worked on Radars, Navigation and GPS equipment. Second half of my enlistment I was a UHF Satellite Communications Instructor. I acquired numerous awards & qualifications for my service, including the "Master Training Specialist". If there is one unique attribute that still follows me around from my time in the service, it's "Attention to Detail". This is a characterization that encapsulates everything I do.