Micah Ihli

Micah Ihli

Mid-level C# Full Stack Engineer

I am a full-time developer one of the leading CMS shops in the Nation. I studied software engineering at Utah State University. I have found a passion for writing code. I strive to follow the Solid design principles, TDD methodologies while I am developing software. Currently, work in an agile environment where I work daily adding features, solving bugs and occasionally providing training for my co-workers. I'm a proponent of good coding standards and UX principles. I also know some Node.js, ES6, React. To dive into a little more about me I am a family man who has a passion for tech, games, dance and picking up projects that allow me to stretch myself so I can learn some new talents.

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Software Engineer at Journal Technologies

Here at Journal Technologies I currently work on a few different projects. All of which revolve around our two big projects. One of which is on the .Net stack and is a Windows Smart Client. The other is a Java project that is a web application. We also have several other projects that center around the other projects. These range from web micro-services built in Node.js to Office Add-ins that are also built on .Net. Working on the .Net apps have also given me plenty of experience with WPF as well.