Juan Treminio

Juan Treminio

Senior PHP Web Developer

Senior PHP backend web developer and DevOps developer. Available for contract/freelance work. I am a Texas-based web developer with a strong focus on PHP and the LAMP stack. If you are looking for an experienced developer to create a new application, write new features into an existing application, or help you make your application better by creating tests or refactoring the code then we should get in touch!

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Senior Application Engineer @ Medidata Solutions

Medidata Solutions acquired Mytrus, Inc in April 2017. Lead developer for key Client/Patient-facing projects that help run world-wide clinical trials online.

Senior Software Engineer @ Mytrus

Startup acquired by Medidata Solutions. In charge of introducing TDD to the project, both codebase and fellow developers. Integrated Composer into a Zend Framework 1 project, introducing namespaces and setting up a custom Satis Composer repository. Created new projects with Symfony2. Created streamlined, Vagrant/Puppet development environments. Medical-related fields, along with all the privacy concerns that come with it.

Senior Web Developer @ eTouches

In charge of paving the way to a completely unit/behavioral tested rewrite of our extremely popular conference management application. Provide insight to proper software architecture, best-practices, testing and tools. Bring coworkers up to speed with how to test, as well as the importance and benefits of testing. Ensure our rewritten application is modular and easy to work with. Integrated Composer, PHPUnit, namespaces and more into the project workflow.

Senior Web Developer @ Kaplan Professional

Working with a small group of great developers creating Kaplan Professional's next-generation Learning Management System (LMS). Helped move the group from writing tests after code, to TDD (using PHPUnit) and finally to BDD (using Behat/Mink). Application is built on an old, highly customized version of Kohana 2.x, with a number of Zend Modules, all configured to allow easy testing. Our code is extremely DRY and separated, with controllers/views/domains/daos, and I love it!