Jimmy Turner

Jimmy Turner

Freelance Rails Developer

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I'm a full stack web developer following mobile responsive design practices. I want your customers to be equally comfortable on a desktop as they are on their phone when attempting to engage your company's online resources. The primary technologies I use for building full stack web apps are Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and Bootstrap. This allows for a very scaleable product that performs well, is secure and super reliable. If I work on your project my goal is to establish a relationship with the intention of staying in touch and being productive so we can work together over and over again. I want to leave an impression that makes future work easy for you because all you have to do is contact me and we can pick up where we left off last time. My experience includes building login functionality for multiple user types, secure image and video uploading to cloud services such as AWS, creating relational databases that scale well and mobile responsive design practices leveraging Bootstrap.


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Freelance Rails Developer with HundoLab

I'm the owner and sole member of Hundolab where I work directly with clients on a variety of Rails projects spanning the spectrum of complexity.

Software Developer at Sabretooth Technologies

I worked on custom features for a food service platform, performed testing and collaborated with our help desk to debug problems.

The Coder Foundry Software Development Bootcamp

Completion of the 'Masters' 12 week program in web development best practices and completion of 4 custom web applications demonstrating competence with current concepts and methodology.