Y. K. Choy

Y. K. Choy

Front End Developer

I enjoy building web applications that solve problems and transform our lives. As Product Development Intern at Caravan Studios, I build apps that empower communities to connect, access and organize resources. As developer and product manager, I built the Renter's Rights Guide web app and redesigned the Code for San José website. As a former nonprofit manager, I engaged clients, defined project scope and specifications, and managed tech talent on civic impact projects. I ran the New Leaders Council Institute as Co-Director of New Leaders Council Silicon Valley. My love of problem solving and creativity brought me to pursue web development. I bring eight years of experience in problem-solving, communications, design, and management. I graduated from San José State University and General Assembly. My hobbies include hiking, dancing and art. Interested in collaborating? Let's connect!

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Product Development Intern, Caravan Studios

Descartaê ・ Team ​Project ● Technologies: ​Apollo, ​GraphQL, ​React, ​Node, ​Express, ​MongoDB ● Web ​app ​for ​librarians ​to ​manage ​data ​on ​waste ​management ​facilities ● Fetch ​data ​with ​Apollo ​Client ​and ​GraphQL ​queries ​and ​mutations ● Render ​list, ​single ​record, ​and ​create ​form ​with ​React ​and ​Material ​UI ● Develop ​user ​stories, ​design ​lo-fi ​wireframe ​mockups, ​and ​design ​ERD ● Facilitate ​weekly ​project ​meetings, ​deeply ​review ​code, ​and ​fix ​bugs

Front End Developer & Product Manager, Code for San Jose

Renter's ​Rights ・ Team ​Project ・rentersrightsguide.org ​ ● Technologies: ​Rails, ​React.js, ​PostgreSQL, ​Bootstrap ● Developed ​accordion ​menu ​and ​UI ​for ​webpages ● Conducted ​user ​research ​and ​engaged ​stakeholders ● Coordinated ​volunteers ​on ​development ​and ​research Code ​for ​San ​José ​Website ・ Team ​Project ・​codeforsanjose.com ​ ● Technologies: ​Jekyll, ​JavaScript, ​Ruby, ​Bootstrap ​Sass ● Redesigned ​website ​with ​Jekyll, ​improving ​UI ​with ​Bootstrap ​Sass ● Implemented ​Typeahead ​title ​search ​with ​JavaScript ● Fixed ​broken ​links, ​updated ​content ​on ​projects, ​data, ​and ​landing ​page

Front End Developer, Choose Your Win

I collaborated with friends at Hack the Patriarchy hackathon to design and create this interactive game that allows users to navigate issues that affect women in the workplace, beginning with the hiring process. I contributed to user stories, conducted research with a subject matter expert from the Women's Bureau, and designed and coded the gameplay pages with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Our team won 'Most Original Project'! Live: https://www.yanyinchoy.com/chooseyourwin/

Web Development Immersive Student, General Assembly

I developed full stack web applications in JavaScript, MongoDB, Node.js, Express, and in Ruby on Rails individually and in collaboration with developers and UI/UX designers. Rydeshare, ​Developer ・ ​Solo ​Project http://rydeshare.herokuapp.com ​ ● Technologies: ​Rails, ​Google ​Maps ​API, ​PostgreSQL, ​Semantic ​UI ​Sass ● Web ​app ​for ​users ​to ​create, ​join ​and ​search ​carpools   ● Developed ​search ​feature ​that ​queries ​Google ​Maps ​API, ​filters addresses ​within ​ten-mile ​radius ​and ​renders ​map ​markers ● Designed ​and ​built ​CRUD ​functionality ​for ​user ​carpools WeHuddle, Developer ・ ​Team ​Project http://wehuddle.herokuapp.com ​ ● Technologies: ​Rails, ​WebSockets, ​PostgreSQL, ​Semantic ​UI, ​rSpec ​Rails ● Web ​app ​for ​users ​to ​send ​group ​or ​direct ​chats ​in ​real-time ● Developed ​direct ​messaging ​and ​chatroom ​features ​with ​Action ​Cable and ​WebSockets ● Designed ​chatroom ​sidebar ​and ​forms

Co-Director, New Leaders Council Silicon Valley

● Developed leadership curriculum, recruited speakers and trainers, and executed 5-month leadership trainings for 40 NLC Fellows ● Executed strategic fundraising goals, managed fiscal operations, collaborated ​with Board and Chapter to ​fundraise $26,000+ ● Advised Fellows on fundraise planning, finance and marketing ● Drafted, interviewed, edited and published anthology of curated leadership and entrepreneurship stories ● Migrated content from WordPress to NationBuilder, maintained ​website ​content

Operations Manager, Silicon Valley Talent Partnership

● Recruited ​and ​managed ​11 ​developers ​on ​civic ​app ​projects ​for ​clients ● Recruited, trained and managed ​10 ​interns ​on ​projects, ​client ​engagement ​and ​marketing ● Designed ​WordPress ​site, ​maintained ​collateral ​for ​marketing ● Coordinated press conference with San José Mayor's Office to announce launch of Feeding Silicon Valley, resulting in radio, news and print media coverage. ● Organized small business workshops, which engaged 60 industry experts to train over 300 small business owners and entrepreneurs to learn business development skills. ● Drafted briefings for board communications and contract compliance, fundraising letters, HR policies and onboarding documents ● Managed marketing and social media collateral

Communications Consultant, CommUniverCity San José

● Developed a comprehensive strategy for stakeholder communications ● Improved website user interface with new design; maintained content on WordPress ● Created and managed social media marketing content ● Drafted grant proposals; developed press releases, flyers, and e-newsletters ● Trained staff on communications strategy, maintenance and operations

Communications Committee Member, API Justice Coalition

● Updated designs on WordPress website; maintained content ● Drafted blogs, created social media marketing collateral, and produced videos ● Maintained content across multiple marketing channels

Community Intern, SJSU Women's Resource Center

● Designed and maintained content on WordPress websites and blogs ● Coordinated benefit productions, leadership development workshops, and seminars ● Maintained social media marketing collateral and newsletters; produced videos ● Organized inaugural South Bay Women’s Conference, connecting entrepreneurs, business and nonprofit leaders, educators and students

Administrative Intern, Veggielution Community Farm

● Designed new buttons for fundraisers and donations; maintained content on WordPress website and blog ● Executed marketing strategy, and managed revenue and budget for new Community Supported Agriculture program ● Tracked and analyzed over 4,000 volunteer and CSA client surveys ● Syndicated content and publication of monthly e-newsletter to 2,000 subscribers

President & Co-Founder, Growing Roots of Wellness

● Designed and maintained content on WordPress website and blog ● Coordinated curriculum, gardening events and leadership development trainings ● Managed partnerships with community stakeholders