Timothy Morgan

Timothy Morgan

Web Application Specialist at Nationwide Insurance

I am a full-stack Web application developer able to design thoughtful APIs and user-friendly UIs using a variety of languages and tools.

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Specialist, IT App Development at Nationwide Insurance

Lead application development in an agile setting while mentoring junior developers. Work with business partners to understand requirements and estimate effort to complete functionality. Lead teams to adopt continuous improvement efforts and find ways to identify and solve process problems.

Sr. Developer, IT Applications at Nationwide Insurance

Develop applications to deliver quality service and experiences to end users as well as provide business value. Work across many business areas to find and implement solutions to complicated business problems. Identify and encourage use of industry best practices. Present insights and solutions via meetings, lunch and learns, Teaching Thursdays, and TechCon sessions. Participate in educational explorations such as Code Camps to broaden my technological knowledge. Diagnose and fix issues with deployment environments and defects found in applications. Mentor interns to be successful contributors. Attend industry events and return with insights to share.

Java Programmer / Analyst at Manifest Solutions

Completed Agility Boot Camp: manage project builds with Maven and Jenkins; use TDD with RSpec and JUnit; implement ATDD with Cucumber, Watir-WebDriver, and Page-Object; develop a blog using Groovy and Grails, HTML, JavaScript / jQuery, and CSS; collaborate in an Agile team environment to move goals and fix blocks. Work with analysts and developers to evaluate application requirements in an agile team environment. Mentor and supervise interns as they learn to work and contribute in an enterprise environment. Develop and execute functional tests using Ruby and Cucumber. Implement productivity enhancing tools, such as ActiveRecord within the team codebase. Debug and refactor code to enhance application usability and maintainability. Collaborate with team members to identify problem areas and share best practices. Quickly prototype ideas using jQuery. Develop applications to aggregate and display data in meaningful ways using Python, AngularJS, and Bootstrap.

Web Developer at moveeasy.com

Receive kudos on first day of work from job referrer for quick task completion; accept requests for web application changes; set up Python / Django development environment; guide team on use of Git version control; Git code management; edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript / jQuery; alter Python/ Django code as needed; test and verify code changes; report status updates to development team / CEO.