Michael K

Michael K

Python Hacker can't get enough

Cisco, Splunk alumni with 10 years of experience spread across C++ and Python. I've built everything from embedded systems Nuclear seals for the UN to packet injectors for the US Army, from Robot management software and resolving customer issues for enterprise software. New experiences include machine learning and web development.

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Software Engineer at Enterprise Software Company

* Resolved 100+ C, C++, and Python distributed search and indexing issues in backend codebase utilizing ltrace, strace, and gdb for locating and solving errors. * Led bug triaging meetings on a team 6 software engineers with Jira to manage and assign team workflow.

Kernel Maintenance @ Cisco

• Achieved CISCO CAP award for excellence twice in 2011 and 2012 for outstanding kernel patch management. • Maintained Linux kernel code, porting vendor software to Cisco XR/XE platforms, x86_64/PPC architectures. • Automated creation of integration tests by creating network testing tool using C++ to replay network traffic.