Luca Ingianni

Luca Ingianni

embedded / IoT product & process specialist

Are you committed to creating great products and amazing your customers? Do you want to see your managers relaxed, and your engineers happy? Are you struggling to manage your product and its requirements? Do you feel that your development processes could do with some improvement? Are you embarking on a new project, entering the hardware space, and would like somebody to guide and coach you on that journey? I'd love to help you! I focus on product and requirements management: condensing and translating goals and ideas into a concrete plan of action, guiding its implementation and ensuring quality: building the right thing, and building the thing right. My work ranges from *gasp* talking to developers and users, to drawing boxes-and-arrows diagrams, to BDD-style feature descriptions, to writing IEEE830 semi-formal specifications: whatever is needed to ensure your product turns out great. I have a MS in mechanical engineering;am experienced in functional safety (ISO26262, DO-178B).


software specifications for safety-relevant automotive components

Wrote semi-formal software specifications for