Daniel Paez

Daniel Paez

UX/UI Designer with Market Research experience

• As the only UX Designer at Paquetexpress, a 3,120 employee logistics company, I took responsibility of dashboard project that saved thousands of man hours helping clients such as Nike and Toyota deliver on time. Role: Dealing with suppliers, traveling and training executives on their use, UX/UI, HTML/CSS. Deployed at their largest distribution center (21 loading docks, about the size of a baseball field). • Solved a 3 y.o. issue, also while at Paquetexpress. Simplified entire workflow, eliminating a 6-month backlog. Worked directly with Managers, achieving consensus. • A 300% visitor increase reached by redesign of Paquetexpress’ main website. • Boosted sales growth by 12.1% for creamery with data-backed marketing. Average growth is 3.2%. • Mentored new team members at company: Crossover for Work.


Founder at DyslexicFont.com

Started side project to help people with Dyslexia read better. Role: All aspects, from the design of the typefaces, to Marketing campaigns, website copy and look, and deploying the static website using Hugo and NPM.

Product and Interaction Designer at Crossover

Crossover for Work connects freelancers with remote positions. I had the opportunity to work with DevFactory, a software company focused on technology projects. • Results: Became a key member of the team. Mentored new team member to bring her up to speed • Studied, learned and applied programming concepts to deliver visual solutions (refactoring) to codebase problems, so managers and external customers could grasp key aspects of their software and act.

UX/UI at Paquetexpress, logistics company

Paquetexpress is a Freight & Logistics company with over 3,120 employees, serving customers such as Bosch, Nike, Hino and Toyota. I had the opportunity to work there as the only UX/UI Designer. • Devised new Digital Signage System (DSS) consisting of 100% open-source components. Measurable results: Deployed and maintained at over 55 branches. Previous costly system was only used at 2 branches • Worked with 22 developers on seven successful internal projects • 51% reduction in HTTP requests for Paquetexpress website

Marketing Managet at Yaqui creamery

Manager, in charge of Market research, Marketing, Campaigns and crisis management. This creamery company has over 500 employees, producing and distributing milk to thousands of stores every single day. I worked there as the only marketer, on campaigns and launching products. • Worked along with eight regional sales managers on several targeted campaigns • Measurable Results: Crafted campaigns increased sales 3x compared to previous year • Created a strong identity system, still widely in use today

Sr. Designer at Ancla Studio, agency

• E-commerce UX/UI and Website design • Presentations for startups seeking funding • Advertising for brands such as General Motors, Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep

Designer at Arde Troya, agency

• Radio Commercial & Promo Spot Copywriting • Naming companies • Visual website design