Subrat Rout

Subrat Rout

Software Engineer(Ruby on Rails)

I am Ruby on Rails developer specialize in building web application. I build minimum viable products or prototype application according to provided business logic and specifications using Ruby on Rails.

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Software Engineer

1. Worked on consumer facing External Web Application Development using Java Spring framework. 2. Also used Front-end technology such as AngularJS for Java Spring framework

Ruby on Rails Developer

1. Actively contributed to several production apps built with Ruby on Rails. 2. Implemented RSpec tests for several features on the apps. 3. Improved code coverage in an existing application from 50% coverage to 70% coverage with Rspec and Capybara tests 4. Pair programming and code review of peers.

Ruby on Rails Developer

1. Designed and developed a web app in Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL as backend to enlist 140,000 medical devices information available worldwide. 2. Created Facebook authentication system implemented PG-text search and increased the database security and cost efficiency by 25%. 3. Developed Google keyword optimization strategy, social media implementation and mail server integration with Google. 4. Created marketing funnel for unique visitors including Google analytics implementation.