Christina Moulton

Christina Moulton

iPhone & iPad App Developer

I've been building native iPhone and iPad apps for over 7 years. I’ve built apps for managing drone flights, racing cars, controlling robots, showing off Salesforce integrations at conferences, and faking poltergeists. I have a Swift developer tutorials blog with over 3600 subscribers. I wrote the book on creating iOS apps with REST APIs. Most of my services focus on companies with new or existing web apps who are adding iPhone and iPad apps to their offerings. Recently I've been mostly using: - Swift - REST APIs (and some not so RESTful ones) - Core Data, Realm DB - MapKit, Mapbox - Amazon Lex, Polly, & Lambda


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iOS Developer & Consultant (self-employed)

iOS Developer / Software Development Manager

- Custom iOS App Developer and Client Liaison for various iOS apps - Development Lead, Developer, and Software Architect for iOS apps with REST API integration, UI/UX design, scheduling, mapping, hardware integration, social networking, ...