Ulrich Sossou

Ulrich Sossou

I love building products. Besides product development, I'm also interested in marketing and design.

I started tech consulting in 2006. I built a successful consulting business with dozen of clients worldwide, both large organisations and startups. I created millions of dollars in value for my clients and built products used by millions of people all over the World. E.g., I was working with a small business from the UK, designed and built in less than three weeks a software that improved the way they service their customers. It brought them an additional 5 millions dollars US of revenue in the first 6 months of using it. I love and contribute to open source, started projects like Bootstrap Tour followed by more than 4,000 developers on Github. In 2014, I cofounded FlyerCo, a marketing solution for real estate agents. We grew it to more than 10,000 customers and six figures revenue in the first year and sold the company in April 2016. I've worked on many interesting projects ever since.

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