Jaye Clissold

Jaye Clissold

Lead full stack developer

I’ve been a web developer for nearly nine years, five of which were spent working at the one company. I’m currently working on a Node.js (with some MongoDB aspects) based app for the NSW Department of Finance that revolves around consuming geospatial data from various API endpoints and presenting them in such a way on a map so that people can take actionable insights from them. There is a legacy system involved that we are replacing and expanding that gets a couple of million views a month, though that is expected to increase significantly with the launch of this new project as it’s part of a broader strategy across the entire department. I’m employed on this project as a front end developer and have been using Dojo and the ESRI Javascript API.

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Business Owner

Responsibilities include: • All aspects of running a business • Project and time management • Designing and developing Wordpress themes • Working with clients to create a plan for their website or app • Sales and marketing • Designing and developing responsive layouts • Ensuring sites work across different browsers and devices Technology used: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, Wordpress, Laravel, Vuejs, React, Photoshop, Bootstrap Featured Project I’ve worked with Jane from Allstock for over six years and various websites, so when it came time to upgrade her ecommerce sites I had a deep understanding of what she needed and what would be best for her. The two ecommerce sites that I built for her are eartags.com.au and cattletags.com.au. We worked on eartags.com.au first, and I had to do some research into what would be the best option for what Jane wanted to achieve.

Lead Developer

Senior Web Developer

Responsibilities included: • Designing and developing complex websites • Maintaining and improving custom CMS • Provide training to clients • Maintain and support internal server • Manage email and website hosting • Working with and managing external developers • Convert PSD designs to HTML5 and CSS3 production ready code • Adding additional UI functionality using Javascript and Jquery Technology used: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Coldfusion (custom built CMS), Photoshop, Bootstrap, PHP, Wordpress DomainRual This was a large project that I worked on, taking six months from concept to launch. It is a companion site to Domain, designed for properties over five acres. The backend was developed externally and I worked as the front end developer on this project. I was my job to ensure the design could be translated to the backend and that the backend developers understood the design. Jquery was used extensively throughout this site, and CakePHP was used to develop the backend.

Web Developer

Responsibilities included: • Developing websites for clients • Providing face-to-face and phone training/support to clients • Provide technical expertise during client meetings • Develop website templates for clients • Creating and distributing HTML newsletters