Christopher McEwan

Christopher McEwan

Machine learning and Cloud computing developer/consultant

Machine learning and distributed systems expert with over 10 years experience in cross-disciplinary scientific collaboration, industrial research and commercial product development consultancy. You might consider me if you have a bespoke (analytics) system that needs rapid prototyping or scaled to production.

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Principal Engineer at Cambridge Consultants

Consulting and software development in data analytics, distributed/cloud computing and embedded systems across a broad range of industries.

Researcher at Microsoft Research

Invented and applied novel computational methods to address open scientific problems in the life sciences. These methods fused high-throughput data analytics with formal computational methods and bespoke visualisation suitable for collaboration with working biologists at King’s College and L’Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière. Work revolved around large scale simulation and Bayesian analysis of hybrid dynamical systems. Non-parametric statistical analysis of high-throughput experimental data. Unsupervised machine learning. Visualisation. Development of domain-specific programming languages.