William Kennedy

William Kennedy

Full-Stack Ruby Developer

A self-taught developer who is currently using Ruby, JavaScript and Rails to build applications for various clients across the insurance and property market with more to come. The foundation of my work experience is in both customer service and Software Development which are two experiences that compliment each other well. Since I have spoken to so many customers in a face-to-face setting, I understand exactly how to present software that delights users. My main aim is to contribute my expertise to any tech company with a long-term view of becoming a top Software Developer. Outside of work, I'm always learning something new, building web applications for my ever-growing portfolio and connecting with other like-minded individuals who are passionate about technology and business.


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Self-Employed Software Developer

I build whatever projects my clients need. To date, I have done the following: -TheBigMove.ie This is a web application that helps people find a cheaper life insurance policy. A range of technologies have been used including: -Sidekiq -Turbolinks -Rails -Postgres -Minitest/System tests -Continous Integration -Third party API's using XML -Third Party integration with Salesforce, Docusign Rest API -Ruby 2.5.0 -Rails 5.1 -Bootstrap 3 I have also manged another team to complete a project for a client of mine. Currently building another insurance application that uses the following technologies: -Sidekiq -Turbolinks -Rails -Postgres -Minitest/System tests -Continous Integration -Third party API's using XML -Third Party integration with Salesforce, Docusign Rest API -Ruby 2.5.0 -Rails 5.1 -Bootstrap 3 -KnockOut JS

Ruby on Rails Developer at Clinch

Standard Ruby on Rails work including adding new features in production

Ruby on Rails Developer at Bonkers.ie

lay a key role in developing robust transactional comparison products Integrations with crucial partner CRM and third party data sources Driving best practice implementation that delivers optimized consumer grade products Creating and driving website speed metrics, ensuring excellent customer experience Partner with cross-department teams to execute on core business objectives, including digital marketing & communications Pushing code into production Nginx / Unicorn Amazon Web Services (EC2/RDS/S3/CloudFront/Route53/ElastiCache) Git / Subversion So far, I played a vital team role in building the Bonkers Insurance comparison tool. This involved me building and utilizing many different technologies including Ajax/Jquery Rails Capistrano Middleware Shoryuken (similar to Sidekiq but more efficient) Amazon SQS Integrating with a 3rd party API Integrating with a 3rd party CRM Test Driven Development with RSpec/VCR/Factories