Imi Borbas

Imi Borbas

Ruby on Rails App Engineer

I am a highly experienced software engineer specialised in Ruby on Rails development. I have years of experience designing and building web-based systems, RESTful APIs, and integrating third-party services and data sources. Responsible for delivering high quality, well tested technical solutions, understanding the full software development life cycle.

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Consultant Software Engineer at Obelisk Support

Working on a freelance job matching engine in the legal industry. Building high quality, maintainable technical solutions to the very tangible problems impacting the business on a day to day basis. Responsibilities include: - Designing APIs - Making architectural decisions - Reviewing existing solutions - Implementing automatic test suites - Improving code quality - Technical debt recovery - Solving a wide range of technical challenges

Contract Software Engineer at Wireless Logic

Building a market leading M2M SIM Management System. Designing and implementing solutions to a wide range of technical requirements across multiple platforms. Integrating proprietary, third-party APIs. Working remotely. Key responsibilities: - Understand, design, and extend complex systems - Guide a small team to achieve business goals on time - Assist the agile development process due to prior training and experience - Clearly articulate technical vision to team - Figure out missing requirement details based on sparse information

Senior Software Engineer at Virgin Media

Developing the back-end of an online Streaming Media Player application. Responsibilities include designing RESTful APIs, developing database backends with MySQL, writing API-clients for several third-party vendors, integrating with social networks (Facebook and Twitter), unit testing, and using Continuous Integration. Development using Scrum agile methodology.

Contract Web Developer at Saffron Digital (HTC)

Planning and development of XML-based Payment Service APIs mainly for mobile client devices. Used technologies include Zend Framework, FreeBSD, XML/XSD, PHPUnit, Git.

Contract Backend Engineer at Wildom Ltd.

Developing a Product Price Comparison System which works with various Webshops. The database was built using MongoDB. The software was built after planning it up-front using Visual Paradigm UML Modelling software. - UML modeling - NoSQL Database design - Implementing features using PHP, and Yii Framework - Unit testing using PHPUnit - Similarity Comparison Engine built on Node.JS

Senior Developer at Ustream

Development of a Content Management System which serves content to mobile (iPhone and Android) devices. - Building a web CMS for mobile clients, - Using Object-oriented frameworks: Symfony for PHP, and jQuery for Javascript. - The work was done following the guidelines of Scrum agile methodology. - Communication between the following teams: iPhone, Android and CMS. - Interfacing with Facebook and Twitter APIs. - Planning and designing. - Implementing new features. - Test automation and Unit testing. - Supporting the Product Team in the Hungarian Branch.

Software Developer at NetGRAL Corporation Ltd.

Planning and development of enterprise web apps, including frontend, and backend development. Building mainly intranet-based administration, and customer relationship management systems for enterprises. The development process was managed using the Scrum agile methodology, following the guidelines of eXtreme Programming. - Interfacing with the Product Team - User interface design - Implementing new features and concepts into products - Supporting the products

Freelance Web Developer at B&Kheer Ltd.

Development of various content-driven websites and web applications, mainly in Symfony 1.x framework. My responsibilities also included communicating directly with the clients in order to compile the requirement specifications. - Customer relationship management - Planning, designing, coding web sites - Building content management systems - Creating the architecture for web applications

Web and Desktop Applications Developer at Steery Technologies Ltd.

Building an E-Learning system, using Java, PHP and JavaScript. Creating a VoIP chat application for the E-Learning system in Java, both client and server side.