Ian Clark

Ian Clark

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Hey, I'm Ian! I specialize in Backend Software Engineering primarily in Python (Django or Flask), Spring, or Elixir. Beyond that, I work in AWS on a daily basis and work daily in highly concurrent, scalable programming.

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I've worked in everything from custom CMS' to building custom CDNs for clients. I specialize in highly concurrent and scalable solutions

Software Engineer

Utilizing Elasticsearch to serve as the primary search engine within our e-commerce platform–storing and indexing over 20k products with 480k derivatives of those products. Writing an Intelligence Service in Kotlin and Spring which aggregates data from disparate services and performs various statistical analysis to aide search relevancy and related products. Writing ETL pipelines to retrieve and sync e-commerce data from legacy (MSSQL) databases into our modern platform databases (MariaDB, Postgres, and ElasticSearch). Architecting and programming API gateways and microservices in Go and Kotlin. Successfully made a push for more integration tests to ensure API compatibility, changes are nonbreaking, and that customers will not be using a broken product.

Application Developer for Hardware-based Cryptography

Rewriting a TCP multiplexer in Go for a 3200% command throughput gain over Python. Creating a new service offering (Transparent Encryption Layer) allowing for customers to encrypt and decrypt files on-demand utilizing third-party storage providers (AWS S3, Box, Google GCS, &c.) without giving access to encryption/decryption keys. Developing a new database application layer allowing the back-end API to transition from using a thirdparty CRM (Sugar) to Postgres greatly improving back-end and front-end performance and saving the company over 10,000$ per year. Architecting and building a customer-facing RESTful API (Python, Flask, Postgres) allowing cloudbased asymmetric key management, cryptography for point-of-sale devices, debit processing, and remote key injections. Building customer-facing dashboards to utilize the back-end API in Vue.js.