Tammy Dugan

Tammy Dugan

Technical Director at Medical School

I am an experienced java developer and highly proficient in sql. I have experience with clinical decision support, informatics, and machine learning. I am familiar with HL7v2 and FHIR and have worked closely with hospital systems for over a decade to integrate health tech software into their infrastructure. I am also highly proficient in Arden Syntax and rule maintenance of clinical knowledge bases.

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Senior Software Developer and Technical Director

• Direct the creation of CHICA software • In charge of technical staff management and hiring • Promote software development best practices • Coordinate software development for multiple concurrent grant funded projects • Leading initiative to make CHICA a SaaS decision tool with integration into EMRs like Epic and Cerner • Provide technical consultation to faculty within the Children's Health Services Research section

Senior Software Developer/Technical Lead

• Develop and direct the creation of CHICA software • Manage a staff of six developers and direct hiring of new developers • Promote code review practices using Crucible • Promote extensive use of JIRA issue tracking • Coordinate software development for multiple concurrent grant funded projects • Lead expansion of CHICA software beyond Eskenazi Hospital clinics • Directed team migrating CHICA from paper based to web/tablet based • Lead initiative to make CHICA a SaaS decision tool with integration into EMRs like Epic and Cerner • Currently working with faculty on two grants based on my research in machine learning to predict childhood obesity and secure cloud based decision support using partially homomorphic encryption

Senior Software Developer

• Led development needed for expansion of CHICA from one to four clinics within a year’s time • Implemented several clinical studies and checked logical consistency of rules written in Arden syntax • Extensively contributed to the OpenMRS open source community via contributions to the CHICA software • Wrote an Android app that sent GPS information to a central server to track consented subjects for an adolescent behavior study • Wrote and ran complex SQL queries for data pulls needed by faculty for data analysis for studies

Software Developer

• Led development of the migration of CHICA 1.0 to CHICA 2.0, a pediatric clinical decision support system • Completely rewrote CHICA software in Java on top of the open source electronic medical record system OpenMRS using MVC architecture of Hibernate, Spring, and JSPs with JSTL using a MySQL database and Apache Tomcat application server • Used Antlr grammar to translate logic rules written in Arden syntax to Java and wrote code to dynamically compile java into class files on the fly • Wrote JUnit tests to test code • Worked with XML and XSLT to create files to interact with third party software • Implemented HL7 interfaces to process registration messages from multiple registration systems • Extensively contributed to the OpenMRS open source community with custom modules as well as contributing to the core code set, particularly the logic engine

Software Engineering Consultant

• Completed work on Quality Health First project started during tenure with Regenstrief Institute • Used Java and JDBC to search over 800 million clinical observations using multithreading to efficiently run multiple concurrent queries • Built extremely complex Oracle SQL within Java to be executed via JDBC • Extensively optimized generated queries to run efficiently

Software Developer

• Primarily responsible for the SPIN medical query tool written in Java that accessed an Oracle database through JDBC to pull archived medical data for several central Indiana hospitals for use by medical informaticians • Engineered web services using SOAP with attachments to transmit data • Continually optimized queries on over 8 million patients and over 800 million clinical observations. Also optimized queries on over 16 million full text reports using Oracle text indexing • Loaded and processed third party archival data like social security death data and pathology reports into the Oracle database • Primarily responsible for migrating an Oracle database over a terabyte in size from a Linux machine to a VMS machine to improve Oracle IO speed