Eli Mallon

Eli Mallon

Full-stack JavaScript & Kubernetes Engineer

I'm a veteran JavaScript engineer with experience at all levels of the stack. At startups in Seattle, I've held positions as both a lead front-end engineer, modernizing the front-end architecture of a high-traffic community portal, and as a lead DevOps engineer, helping an early-stage startup set up its build and deploy process with Docker and Kubernetes. For the past two years, I've been working on Streamplace, an open-source compositor and CMS for live video. I've also taught full-stack JavaScript at Thinkful and I conduct expert technical interviews on behalf of tech companies at Karat.

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Founder @ Streamplace

At Streamplace we're building an open-source compositor and CMS for live video atop Kubernetes, Electron, and React Native. We've all kinds of cool magic — for instance, we have a build process in place that uses Electron and React Native to compile a single JavaScript codebase to web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Full-stack Engineer @ C-SATS

I was the third engineer hired at C-SATS. I had two major roles there: I also built their DevOps architecture from scratch, resulting in one of the first HIPAA-compliant Kubernetes clusters on AWS. I also built their front-end component library, providing a suite of templates and CSS patterns to move them off of Bootstrap.

Front-End Engineer @ ActiveBuilding

I led a project to reboot ActiveBuilding's front-end, replacing a pile of jQuery plugins with a clean, responsive AngularJS interface. I also participated extensively in the design of the REST API that powered it on the back-end.