Chris Corrigan

Chris Corrigan

frontend web developer

Expert level UI/front-end development and ‘pixel perfect’ design implementation; architectural CSS, advanced Javascript, working knowledge of React.js. Over 10 years experience creating modular, reusable, maintainable and scalable front-end code for high-traffic websites (,, Toolbelt: HTML5, Javascript, CSS, SASS, LESS, BEM, responsive design, Photoshop/Sketch, inVision, SQL, GIT, SVN, bash, agile, scrum Frameworks: jQuery, Bootstrap, React.js

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frontend web developer at BCLC

Delivered implementation of UX design into front-end code within large-scale high traffic BCLC websites including, and Relied upon to champion and improve best practices and architectural strategies for front-end architecture, most significantly CSS/HTML5 BEM patterns. Designed new features and functionality including integrating Google Maps API for locating retail stores, using an in-house developed Javascript framework. Responsible for maintenance, improvements and bug fixing across multiple sites, working with multiple teams and stakeholders. Technologies used: Javascript, jQuery, Less, inVision, SVN

frontend web developer at Mogo

Responsible for the development and improvement of the CSS front end architecture across all web products, promoting code maintainability, scalability, and efficiency across the front end team. Developing current and new financial products, working with in house custom javascript framework as well as design implementation. Technologies used: SASS/BEM, HTML5, javascript, jQuery, Jade, Sketch, git

UI Developer

Provided user interface architecture for multiple projects and teams including (18M monthly uniques) and Worked with product managers, developers, and QA using a scrum methodology. Key responsibilities included assessing frameworks and technologies, building out custom HTML and CSS, working with MVC frameworks in shared templates with other developers. Worked on multiple responsive/mobile HTML5 apps built on top of Bootstrap and integrating custom design – including Market Snapshot, a mobile reporting tool for Top Producer, and Control Panel, a responsive dashboard app for Technologies used: CSS/OOCSS, HTML5, SVG, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, responsive design, jQuery, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Git, Bash, agile