Myles Steinhauser

Myles Steinhauser

Distributed Systems Engineer

Cloud Native and Distributed Systems Engineer available for architecture input and review. Experience designing and building global-scale cloud native applications since 2010, focused as an application developer since 2006. How can we innovate together?

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Site Controller Team Lead at IBM Bluemix Private Cloud

Direct development, operations, and deployment for the IBM Bluemix Private Cloud / Site Controller team which provides "everything needed to run your service in production" including centralized logging, monitoring, alerting, audit, mirrors, and even PXE install of physical hosts. With a team of 4 engineers and a team lead, often also helping to mentor and occasionally write code, deployed and operated 22 physical data centers globally, managing over 100 hosts, 30+ ELK clusters, and over a petabyte of ELK data. Site Controller provided everything required for the OpenStack and Cleversafe teams to focus on their application and creating business value while consolidating and gaining efficiencies by outsourcing non-revenue generating requirements and activities to the Site Controller team and the front-line Operations group.

Software Development Engineer at Bluebox (Acquired by IBM)

Focused on designing, implementing, and operationalizing Blue Box Cloud's managed OpenStack Private Cloud as a Service. Tech Lead researching, designing, and overseeing implementation of Centralized Logging platform designed primarily for internal engineering use but also for supporting business and some customer reporting. Design based on Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana 4 platform to maximize availability, scalability, and cost efficiency for servers, network devices, and applications. Designed and implemented internal support and engineering tool to automate OpenStack cluster based repetitive tasks such as automated configuration and deployment, maintenance tasks, and troubleshooting. The tool was designed to lower the bar of knowledge needed to effectively support multiple clusters and help combat the proliferation of sources of truth. Supported team transition, technology changes, and many other large changes when Blue Box Cloud was acquired by IBM Cloud in June, 2015.

DevOps Engineer at Brightcove

Helped design and start implementation of new physical data center designs from the network up through hypervisor, virtual machine provisioning and configuration management. Specifically lead the design and implementation of fully automated PXE installation of physical servers leveraging Razor Server from Puppet Labs to deploy: Ubuntu 12.04, CentOS 5.10, CentOS 6.5, RHEL 6.5 and XenServer 6.2. Ported the Razor Server Puppet Module into an application-style Chef Cookbook. Wrote a very thin and simple, yet functionally useful, Angular.js based web UI to complement the existing Razor CLI. Helped pull ethernet and fiber cabling, install cabinets, rack servers and other physical data center activities when needed; even though a preference to working on software and building abstracted solutions. Assisted in hardware platform choice and benchmarking using Phoronix Test Suite and analysis of results to determine optimal system configuration for intended workloads.

Software Engineer II at Stratus Technologies

Automation and Software Engineer for the Unity Enhanced Services team. Primarily focused on delivering Unity OneView appliance with Chef, Jenkins, Packer and other "DevOps" oriented tools.

Systems Engineer at Applied Data Consultants

Design, implement, document and support complex software and hardware systems for multiple applications. - Puppetize new infrastructure deployments - Puppetize legacy infrastructure - Deploy Ceph for S3/Swift compatible object storage and OpenStack block storage - Deploy application staging environment virtualized on OpenStack - Involved in Minnesota OpenStack Meetup since first meeting in December, 2012 - Performance tune PostgreSQL queries and servers - Performance tune JVM Garbage Collection for Tomcat servers - General hardware deployment, maintenance, and retirement

Software Developer at Applied Data Consultants

Helped build Elite EXTRA from software designed for a single company to an enterprise class system used nationwide. Heavily involved in infrastructure design, documentation, implementation and support. Applications focused on GIS technologies. Heavy emphasis on optimizations and configuration of Java, CentOS, PostgreSQL, Tomcat 6/7 and many other layers of software. - Heavily stabilized application and infrastructure - Implemented database versioning - Helped heavily automate deployments - Designed and implemented current scale-out architecture - Helped redesign a central application component to reduce backend server load by 80% - Designed and implemented an external API for third-party integration using Node.js - Designed 1 XML Schema which consolidated 4 independent XML data transfer 'standards'