Jacob Strang

Jacob Strang

Back-End Software and Data Engineer

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Software Engineer at Sprout Social- Reporting and Data Analytics team; Organizer of the Chicago Twitter Developer Community; Washington University in St. Louis '14 with majors in Math and Physics, minor in Computer Science. Wide array of experience, but specializing in back-end development, data systems, pipelines, and processing.


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Platform Software Engineer, Sprout Social

Back-end engineer on the social media reporting and data analytics team. Work on the data ingestion, pipeline, and processing systems using Java and data technologies including Hadoop, Spark, HBase, MySQL, Cassandra, NSQ, etc. Also work heavily on the primary Django API using Python. Some front-end development with Javascript, React, and Ember.

Software Engineering Consultant, Daugherty Business Solutions

Worked as a consultant across multiple companies, including Anheuser-Busch, Mastercard, and Centene. Gained a wide range of full-stack experience, including front-end work in Javascript on frameworks like React and Angular, mobile development using native iOS and React Native, and back-end APIs using Java, Spring, C#, WCF.