Arve Knudsen

Arve Knudsen

Fullstack Software Engineer

I'm a fullstack software engineer with broad experience, although I specialize in developing Web applications. I'm an expert in modern JavaScript, both on the front-end and the back-end, I am however also fluent in Python and am learning the Go language. I have several years of experience with Kubernetes, privately and professionally, and am well versed in both creating clusters and developing systems for deploying (microservices) to them. Since moving to Berlin a couple of years back, I've developed a couple of applications of my own, most prominently, which is a catalogue of cultural events in the city, mostly concerts. I also develop, which is an app for organizing dinners with one's friends. Both apps are developed in JavaScript (also on the server), and running on Tectonic/Kubernetes on DigitalOcean, which is a solution I developed myself.


Founder at Experimental Berlin

I am making, a catalogue of cultural events taking place in the bustling city of Berlin, Germany. In parallel I am making, an app for planning dinners with your friends.


I am the maintainer of html-to-react, which is a popular library for converting HTML text to React element trees. At the moment it has about 33000 downloads per month at

Porting of CoreOS Tectonic Installer to DigitalOcean

I ported CoreOS' Tectonic Installer more or less singlehandedly to the DigitalOcean cloud hosting platform, making it possible to create Tectonic type Kubernetes clusters on DigitalOcean. I find this extremely useful as Tectonic is my favourite Kubernetes stack and DigitalOcean is the cheapest way of running Kubernetes in the cloud that I'm aware of. That is to say, this is a great way to save money while prototyping apps.

Principal Engineer at Gradle Inc.

I was one of the main developers of incubating Gradle Inc. Web services, doing both back-end (Scala) and front-end (JavaScript/Mercury) work. Database-wise I was working with Postgresql, and on the front-end we were mainly using Webpack and Mercury JavaScript technologies.

Implement JavaScript console search hit navigation in Chromium/Chrome browser

I successfully contributed a patch to the Chromium/Chrome Web browser to implement navigation between individual search hits in the JavaScript (DevTools) console, whereas prior to this you could only navigate between individual lines containing search hits (so that it was impossible to discern between different search hits on the same line).


Full-stack Web developer on team creating a system for registering and distributing announcements to rail personnel, on behalf of the Norwegian National Rail Administration.

Statnett - ACCC GUI

Sole developer of desktop application (dubbed ACCC GUI) for visualizing results from analysis of contingencies in the electrical net, according to the specifications of Statnett analysts. To support the application I have also developed an independent Web service in order to manage analysis data.


Porting Quamash, a Python asynchronous event loop implementation for Qt, to Python 3.4 and the standard asyncio framework. This enables writing asynchronous PyQt/PySide applications, in conjunction with asyncio. I handled both Windows and Unix implementations, as well as automated tests.