Michael Mitrakos

Michael Mitrakos

Senior JavaScript Software Engineer

I'm a full-stack JavaScript engineer with multiple years of experience doing both FE and BE work for well known startups and large companies. I also co-founded my own development firm and have worked with innovative startups like LAFORGE Optical, and some of the most well-known companies like Hulu.


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Senior Software Engineer @ Verys

Software Engineer: February 2017 - September 2017 Senior Software Engineer: September 2017 - current I bring a wealth of experience in front-end and back-end JavaScript development. My current role is front-end focused using React Redux, with a mixture of DevOps work with AWS. I focus on creating scalable and maintainable code, and help client's craft the best user-focused product possible. Projects and technologies: - Esports Arena, employee and member management software – React + Bootstrap 4 frontend & Node + AWS backend - Esports Arena, gaming tournament and wager application - React + Foundation Frontend & Node + AWS backend - Bluestar Sports - React, Redux, Redux Saga frontend & PHP backend