Josh Cox

Josh Cox

Director of Technology at the

I specialize in writing lightning fast full stack web applications from simple static sites generated from templates to very large scalable applications on top of orchestrated containerization like kubernetes or rancher.


Security Consultant for Sylvester & Associates in Shen Zhen China

Sylvester & Associates is a legal firm who helps businesses do business in China. This has presented a wide and varying set of circumstances and challenges over the years that has ranged from dealing with blackhat actors to dealing with the great firewall of China.

Director of Technology at the

I'm responsible for the Infrastructure at the coop, which now consists of 83 cpu cores, 390 gigabytes of RAM spread across 4 bare-metal machines, and many cloud instances and data centers. KVM is the virtualization of choice on bare-metal hardware upon which I'll spin up many VMs orchestrated by many different technologies.

Lead Architect for

I am founding member of bokbot where we are trying to protect chicken coops with active monitoring using openCV to analyze, identify, and inventory predators who show up in the night, and generally take care of some other automations for the coop

CSI automation engineer at IPsoft

Analyze monitoring data from customer IT infrastructure and create automations to remediate issues without human interaction

Channel lead for UI/UX at Hostgator

Migrated from home spun set of server side includes into code igniter with smarty templating for maintainability

Embedded System Engineer at Avantech

wrote C software to run as embedded operating systems in projects that performed automation for oilfield equipment.