Flaviu Pasca

Flaviu Pasca

Experienced Xamarin & Native Mobile Architect

I specialize in Xamarin & native mobile apps. I'm passionate about what I do, I am excellence driven and I love to help people. My approach to work is doing it fast and doing it very good: a performance oriented and get-things-done mindset. I am proud to have a historical record to back up this claim, be it in the professional field or through prizes won at intellectually challenging and time - intensive programming competitions where I've been participating since I was only a kid. Experience in a wide range of technologies and programming languages spanning more than 20 years of professional development gives me the confidence to tackle any type of software project. I view high quality software development as a craft combining both science and art. Constantly accepting new challenges, developing side projects, taking part in programming competitions and being curious about all sorts of knowledge, these represent best my personality traits and attitudes.


Xamarin.Android and AWS DevOp @ Mometic LLC

As a co-founder I have fully implemented Momo stock screener app for Android using Xamarin.Android and WebSockets. I also had to implement changes on the AWS EB backend using TypeScript & NodeJS. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mometic.momo&hl=en

Senior iOS Developer @ 8x8 Corp.

Implemented voice mails in version 7 of 8x8 Virtual Office https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/8x8-virtual-office/id348177448?mt=8

Xamarin iOS Developer @ RAC Motoring Services

I worked on finishing a Xamarin iOS app for the lead UK insurer RAC. Version 7 of RAC Route Planner https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/rac-route-planner-uk/id350330435?mt=8 .

Senior Xamarin Developer @ S3 Group Ltd.

I developed an innovative Android and iOS mobile app for the connected health sector using Xamarin and Intersoft Crosslight. As a senior developer I provided the app architecture and implemented the most difficult parts of the app. I was also responsible for supervising junior developers.

Senior Android Developer @ Moment Studios Ltd

Parallelized the GIF construction algorithm enabling 2-to-5 times faster processing time compared to the serial one. Enabled direct access to the video camera image buffer. Implemented bitmap merging, translation, and rotation. Implemented GIF file-loading from a REST API and animated them in a grid that also displayed a selectable and searchable tags header. https://gifmos.com/

Engineering Lead and Mobile Architect @ Dometic Group AB

I architected and lead mobile app development for an IoT system. I was responsible for defining, supervising, guiding and implementing the unified architecture of a suite of mobile apps for recreational vehicles for a major industry leader Dometic Group AB. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zhenbang.project_532 https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/thermostat-control/id1090532436?mt=8

Senior Xamarin Developer @ Cubic Telecom Ltd.

Responsible for designing and developing native mobile apps for Cubic Telecom Ltd. using Xamarin, Intersoft Crosslight, Objective-C and Java. I developed the company’s billing mobile app and designed and implemented an internal Xamarin-based mobile framework for accessing the WCF services exposed by the IN telecom billing backend. I also made prototypes for car manufacturing clients like Audi. I used NGraphics open source framework for implementing cross platform custom views. I was responsible for analyzing the native app code security and make it release ready.

Senior Xamarin Developer @ Informa PLC

Informa Partnering P360 was an enterprise social mobile app used at events and conferences held by Informa for its clients in a very broad set of industries and markets. Its main features include: dynamic profile properties tailored for a wide range of industries the users are part of, messaging, groups, discussions, meetings and agenda, market research documentation finding and viewing. I was responsible for architectural design, implementation and leading the mobile team. I also took responsibility in choosing the appropriate technologies (Intersoft Crosslight) and making contributions to the UX and IxD aspects of the app. I was responsible for providing the builds to the testers and making demo presentations to the client on behalf of my employer at the end of each Agile Scrum sprint. I implemented the messaging, pull to refresh, incremental loading and data caching features of the app. I implemented OAuth 2 authentication.

RubyMotion Developer @ Blinksale

I helped develop Blinksale iOS app (subscription feature) using RubyMotion https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blinksale/id941118195?ls=1&mt=8

Blackberry Developer @ TSS Yonder Corp.

A mobile app that showed the estimated gas consumption and cost for various car models available for leasing. I was responsible of porting a mobile app to the Blackberry OS by making it look almost pixel level identical to the iOS counterpart. Among the prominent technical features was the one using Blackberry SDK's screen stack and implementing an animated custom gauge widget. I also had to implement code for communication with the server backend using multithreaded HTTP requests.

Senior Qt Developer @ PunkDuck

Together with other 3 developers we made a mobile app during a Nokia-sponsored contest that presented the most interesting places on a map. The hot places were determined based on likes and dislikes for a particular geographical coordinate. http://www.punkduck.com (also was available on Nokia's OviStore) I was involved in implementing the back-end, using Google App Engine and Python by providing the initial data import, obtained by grabbing the geolocation information of millions of photos from Flickr and clustered them in an accessible format that would reflect level of interest for locations. Also I've done some UI work in QML (JavaScript-based language) to present a grid of sample photos for a given location spot and optionally to present them also as a fullscreen slideshow. I've also employed animations for zooming in/ zooming out a picture and transition to the next one (all when in fullscreen mode). I also implemented GPS localization code in C++ Qt and Symbian Active Objects.

Senior Software Developer @ Graphisoft SE, Nemetschek Group / Vico Software Ltd

ArchiCAD's developer Graphisoft company wanted to make its flagship product 5D: by adding time and cost dimensions to the 3D model through project versions and branches (resembling version control systems). Eventually we ended with a cost estimation only application, as Graphisoft was acquired by Nemetschek Group and the project landed to a newly founded company called Vico Sofware. As the application was based on Versant OODB there was a need to implement a db management tool of which I was responsible to design and implement with the help of two junior developers I had to supervise too. I employed C++ templates to model the db schema data type kinds and hierarchies. I used graph visualizations libraries like GraphViz and mfGraph to display the relationships among the objects stored in the db. I also contributed C++ code to the Chain-of-Commands -based framework we've developed for the then next to be ArchiCAD application. I took part in a 1 week Parasolid geometry kernel training.

Software Engineer @ Nokia Corp.

C/C++ Windows development for Intellisync Corp's synchronization applications for desktop and mobile devices (Windows Mobile and other non Windows-based phones) within the enterprise department of Nokia Corp. I was responsible for developing maintenance C/C++ code on Windows for the Intellisync's synchronization engine modules like those interfacing MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Palm OS, PocketPC and other personal information managers (PIMs) and phones. I worked on synchronizing calendar related items (like appointments/events), todo items, email messages and attachments, contacts. The modules (called connectors) communicated with one another through Windows DCOM.