Alberto González Palomo

Alberto González Palomo

Interested in challenging jobs open to creative solutions.

Professional programmer since 1997, I've written multi-platform desktop software, servers, and web applications. I take pride in hearing from customers that my software keeps running for years after I delivered it without need for extra support.

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Self-employed,, Germany

I list a few of my work for customers in my portfolio page: My customers include the London Knowledge Lab (, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence [Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz] (, and the Exzellenz-Cluster MMCI at the University of Saarland (

Software Developer, German research Center for Artificial Intelligence, DFKI GmbH

Design and implementation of major components of the ActiveMath e-Learning system, specially the Exercise System that runs interactive mathematical exercises backed by domain reasoners, and the Presentation System that transforms the semantic encoding of learning materias into displayable HTML, LaTeX, DVI, PS or PDF. Later implemented the new AJAX front-end used for the Math-Bridge version of ActiveMath, partly as an independent consultant.

Software Developer, Saarland University, Germany

Work in the ActiveMath project, a joint project with the DFKI.

Software Developer, Cateffects S.L., Spain

Design and implementation of real-time visual effect plug-ins for Macromedia Director, and web integration of gaming platforms Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, and Half-Life/Counter Strike: web interface with map preview, statistics, and automatic launching of the game clients from the web browser.