Jeremy Donson

Jeremy Donson

Infrastructure Automation, Data Engineer, DevOps

My dev ops and data engineering and infrastructure skills are VERY strong.
 - Hands-on with Cloud, Jenkins and Bitbucket GIT - Enterprise Infrastructure Automation, including cloud platforms. Terraform, ansible, jenkins. - Dev Ops, Emphasis on Ops At Scale. Hands on experience with CI/CD pipeline  - Data Engineering, including many many SQL and NoSQL engines (redis, spark, hive, kafka, elasticsearch, etc). - I spent 10+ years as a Linux Engineer and an Oracle+MySQL Certified DBA at scale. - I use mostly python (6 years) and bash (10+ years).  Cython as needed. - My latest efforts have produced tools that benchmark algorithmic resource usage with massively scaled data sets. - Each project I have led required that I work effectively as a technical project manager and business analyst as well. - I am also learning React.js and express.js for web app prototyping.  Intro Page: 

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