Philip Thomas

Philip Thomas

Co-founder, engineering at Moonlight

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I am building Moonlight while traveling full-time. I like Go, Kubernetes, Vue.js, Julia, optimization mathematics, Python, and distributed systems. I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis where I studied applied math and majored in Systems Engineering and Physics. My education continued at Y Combinator, where I was a Fellow in their inaugural class. I founded Staffjoy, a startup that used optimization math to manage workforce scheduling.


Co-founder, engineering at Moonlight

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- Designed and authored a robo-investor for a finance company that currently manages millions of dollars of investments using Julia and JuliaOpt - Worked with a team to transition a fast-growing consumer subscription business from WooCommerce to a custom Flask application - Designed an employee timekeeping application for a workforce management startup - Deployed and customized Staffjoy software for on-premise use at companies such as startups and a call center - Designed and built a "web starter kit" for a new agency using Django, VueJS, Docker, and Google App Engine to allow quick cloning and deployment for new projects - Built a utility that allows people to transcribe invoices based on YML specs, which is being used to develop a training data set for OCR machine learning

Founder and CEO of Staffjoy

Staffjoy helps businesses create and share schedules with hourly workers. We were funded by leading venture capitalists, including Caffeinated Capital and Y Combinator Fellowship. I lead our applied mathematics, infrastructure engineering, and product. We shut down in February 2017 after failing to achieve product/market fit. We open-sourced all of our code at

Senior Software Engineer at OpenDNS

- Architected, developed, and maintained the internal Beacon system - a scalable telemetry and data science platform for studying client software network performance - using Go, Flask, Docker, and Amazon Web Services. - Co-managed an intern team of two university students to build OpenResolve, an open-source Docker image for domain information as a REST-like API. One intern was subsequently hired as a full-time engineer. - Formerly A-Team - Maintained reliability, speed, and uptime of client-facing systems by rapidly fixing bugs, resulting in higher uptime, improved security, closed sales deals, and better customer satisfaction. - Acquired in August 2015 by Cisco for $635 million.

Student at Washington University in St. Louis

Received a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering with a second major in Physics and a minor in Electrical Engineering. My senior research project was a scheduling optimization approach for small workforces.